Established in 1954 by the late entrepreneur
and philanthropist Haji Mohammed A.
Ture, as Ture Chinese Commodities. The company has become renowned nationwide, earning the respect of its clients, members of the business community, and individuals from the community at large. After more than 60 years of operating on the belief that providing great service and promoting good will makes for a satisfied customer, the name TURE has become synonymous with quality, success and achievement.

TURE PVT. LTD. CO., one of Ethiopia’s oldest companies, has successfully operated for over six decades. The Company, established in accordance with the commercial code of Ethiopia, is engaged in the import and distribution of hardware, machinery and construction supplies and materials as well as the installation of large and small scale factories. Ture PLC has recently established a large-scale industrial units, including a cement factory, a printing and packaging factory, and an aggregate production facility.